About US

Foundation Profile

Al-Hassan Foundation for Population and Marketing Studies and Research and Map Update is a national institution for services, consultations, and integrated development solutions that provides specialized and in-depth studies in the field of marketing studies and updating geographical maps.

The vision of Al-Hassan Foundation is to provide accurate and in-depth marketing studies, develop integrated development solutions (marketing / financial / administrative) and update maps for our clients. Our services cover the Arab Republic of Egypt, North Africa and the Arab World.

The study of the role of the marketing information system in decision-making is of great importance, in addition to the interest in applying this study to an economic institution.
Our Approach
We help our clients make good decisions and apply best practices for their business, by understanding their customers' needs and gaining their trust.
Our Experience
We pride ourselves on developing distinct and developing strategies through extensive experience in various fields.
Our Specialty
We are working to find appropriate solutions to meet the needs of the business, regardless of the position or field, and we update the maps because we have the ingredients that allow us to implement this with the latest methods and modern theories to achieve an in-depth realistic vision of our customers' work environment.

The Word of President of the Foundation

Al-Hassan Consulting has worked to develop advisory awareness of the Egyptian and Arab business community through four main values.
  • Responsibility : We feel the great responsibility towards our clients, and in light of the confidence in our work, Al-Hassan Consulting launched the follow-up and supervision service for the implementation of the objectives of consultations and studies That we offer, in order to transform the concept of consulting from the theory of paper recommendations to the framework of effective and realistic strategic partnerships.
  • Impartiality : We work to guide our clients to the right investment decision and effective recommendations, with complete neutrality and with full belief that the only way to effectively manage the investment risks of our clients is Transparency and impartiality in decision-making standards.
  • Commitment : We appreciate the great importance of the time component in the safe and effective investment decision-making process, in a way that reduces risk ratios and secures them the right investment start.
  • Secretariat : We are committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality of our clients' information and data, as they remain the private property of our clients, and no party is allowed to view them Or traded.